Hi, art!

Modern Art + Comfort & high quality

We donate to humanitarian funds to help people in Ukraine.

Modern art on high quality t-shirts

We combined love for art with the principles of conscious consumption to create Hi, art.

Here's what makes our clothes special:

Quality: our t-shirts are made of a preshrunk 100% cotton, which guarantees they wont't change their shape after washing and are comfortable to wear.

Conscious consumption: we print on demand - the exact amount of t-shirts you ordered to reduce waste; use quality prints and t-shirts which makes them last and rejoice you longer; prefer eco packaging.

Supporting and presenting artists: we share profit with artists who create prints and love to tell you more about them and their art.

Comfort and inspiration: we believe that casual clothes can be inspiring and beautiful.

Expressing Individuality: art t-shirts help you express your personality and love for art.

About Us

Tata Ulasenka,

store owner

Hi, my name is Tata. 

I created this project to make great t-shirts with art prints, as I believe that art is a universal means of communication, inspiration and manifestation. 

I hope these t-shirts will make you feel the way you want and will express your love for art.